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With over 300 years of combined HR/Online recruitment industry experience, the DirectEmployers team is comprised of the most experienced staff in the online recruiting industry, led by the recognized founder of online recruitment. Click on a name below to learn more about our team.

“The mission of DirectEmployers Association is to provide employers an employment network that is cost-effective, improves labor market efficiency and reaches an ethnically diverse national and international workforce.”
Bill Warren, DirectEmployers Association
Executive Director
image of Bill Warren
image of Lou Akinyemi
Lou Akinyemi
Director of Network Operations
image of Alex-Amerling
Alex Amerling
Digital Strategist
image of Steven Apostolidis
Steven Apostolidis
Digital Strategist
image of Brian Arnot
Brian Arnot
Member Services Manager
image of Bruce Bacher
Bruce Bacher
Senior Database Developer
image of Jen Bernhardt
Jen Bernhardt
Regional VP – Membership Development
image of Jim Brown
Jim Brown
Director of Services
image of Donna Campbell
Donna Campbell
Account Receivable Manager
image of Candee Chambers
Candee Chambers
VP – Compliance & Partnerships
image of Chad Clark
Chad Clark
Technical Support Representative
image of Greg Clements
Greg Clements
Regional VP – Membership Development
image of Hal Cooper
Hal Cooper
VP – Product Development
image of Jaime Costilow
Jaime Costilow
Manager of Public Relations
image of Ron Craig
Ron Craig
Senior Software Developer
image of Deanna Cross
Deanna Cross
HR Director
image of Lis Dennis
Lis Dennis
Manager of Marketing
image of Darrin Douglass
Darrin Douglass
Facilities Manager
image of Tom Eckhart
Tom Eckhart
VP – Membership Development
image of Dee Anne Faller
Dee Anne Faller
Regional VP – Membership Development
image of Kacie Firkins
Kacie Firkins
Manager of Communications
image of Seth Flater
Seth Flater
Manager – Digital Strategy
image of David Galitsky
David Galitsky
Software Developer
image of Jenni Harden
Jenni Harden
Digital Strategist
image of Heather Hoffman
Heather Hoffman
VP – Digital Strategy
image of Nancy Holland
Nancy Holland
VP – Marketing
image of Tammy Huff
Tammy Huff
Member Services Specialist
image of Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson
Digital Strategist
image of Dan Jordan
Dan Jordan
Chief Counsel, CFO
image of Julie Kelley
Julie Kelley
Member Services Specialist
image of Matthew Lauber
Matt Lauber
Senior Software Developer
image of Edwin Marshall
Edwin Marshall
Associate Software Developer
image of Ashley Mathew
Ashley Mathew
Software Developer
image of Jason McLaughlin
Jason McLaughlin
Director of Architecture
image of Christy Merriman
Christy Merriman
Operations Manager, National Labor Exchange
image of Eric Moore
Eric Moore
Digital Strategist
image of Simone Murray
Simone Murray
Executive Director,
DirectEmployers Association Foundation, Inc.
image of Shannon Offord
Shannon Offord
Manager – Strategic Partnerships
image of Mario Oviedo
Mario Oviedo
Software Developer
image of Drew Palmer
Drew Palmer
Digital Strategy Support Rep
image of Laurie Pensworth
Laurie Pensworth
Content Acquisition Specialist
image of Katie Pfledderer
Katie Pfledderer
Manager – Social Media
image of Troy Phillips
Troy Phillips
Software Developer
image of Ta’Keisha V Ryan
Ta’Keisha Ryan
Manager – Member Engagement
image of AJ Selvey
AJ Selvey
Assistant VP – Membership Development
image of Jason Sole
Jason Sole
Director of Production
image of Amanda Spagnuolo
Amanda Spagnuolo
Manager of Creative Services
image of Ruth Toombs
Ruth Toombs
Digital Strategist
image of Kyle Totten
Kyle Totten
Director of Technology
image of Amy Williams
Amy Williams
Member Services Specialist
image of Chenhua Zhu
Chenhua Zhu
Software Developer