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Recruitment Marketing

Making Employment. ..

We understand that not all employers' needs are the same, and that each also faces their own set of challenges when it comes to online recruiting. While some employers require customized, strategically built recruitment networks, others seek a simple ready-to-use solution. From basic branding to fully customized solutions, our Recruitment Marketing Platform has the ability to attract and engage candidates on a user-friendly, efficient interface, regardless of business size or budget restrictions. Our sophisticated job acquisition and distribution technology will increase visibility for your open jobs, reaching candidates faster and more efficiently.

Making Employment. Noble

DirectEmployers is a nonprofit Member-owned and managed association formed in 2001 by 14 leading Fortune 500 companies searching for a way to reduce recruiting costs, while regaining ownership of their recruitment brand. Since 2001, the Association's membership has grown to include over 750+ leading global employers.

Known for robust OFCCP and recruitment marketing solutions, DirectEmployers continues to expand its products and services based upon the evolving needs of its 750+ global members, further demonstrating the "member driven, not profit driven" concept. Recent developments include the Partner Relationship Manager (PRM) and Interactive Jobs Map.
Strong Leadership
Daily operations are managed by the online recruitment industry's most experienced staff led by Bill Warren, a former president of, who received the prestigious Pericles Pro Meritus Award, an honor presented by the Employment Management Association (EMA) in recognition of being the founder of online recruiting and for his outstanding contribution to the human resource profession.
Making Employment. A Priority


Our vision is to provide employers with best-in-class technology that helps to showcase your recruitment brand and initiatives to a diverse job seeker audience.


Alongside a suite of leading products, we pride ourselves in providing exceptional service and one-on-one support for your varying needs.


As a community comprised of forward-thinking thought leaders, we have led the way to create industry standards through the sharing of best practices and technological developments.


Track your site's real-time performance with customizable in-depth analytics that help you understand your target audience and search behavior.

Making Employment. Searchable

The architecture of our recruitment marketing solution allows employers to take advantage of search engine optimization best practices that aid in creating better job visibility, and the ability to have jobs syndicated to relevant network sites focused on occupations, locations and/or specialties.

Visible Jobs
Your jobs are electronically acquired directly from your ATS and added to your site, making them more searchable to align with today's search engine constraints.
Increase Web Presence
Not only are your jobs located on your individual site, but they are also included on applicable sites within our network of 40,000 occupation, location and specialty sites.
Boolean Logic
An ATS has many barriers for search engines-i.e., drop down menus. Our sites are equipped with Boolean logic, which is used to simplify search results and display more accurate results to job seekers.
Making Employment. Secure

Security in any environment is crucial, especially when it comes to the employment space. We go the extra mile to verify the legitimacy of not only jobs, but employers using our recruitment marketing solutions.

Unique Domains
All of our sites are built on the .JOBS Top-Level Domain (TLD)-a domain similar to .COM or .ORG-reserved specifically for job-related content only.
Sponsored Domain
.JOBS is sponsored by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and is actively monitored to ensure the TLD serves the needs of the HR community.
Verified Content
Each job has been confirmed to be a real job from verified employers-free of scams, duplicates and expired job listings.
Making Employment. Mobile

Each site within our solution is fully optimized for easy accessibility on all mobile devices. This optimization provides your company with an out-of-the-box, mobile recruiting solution, without additional costs.

Making Employment. Inclusive
As more employers work to create and nurture a diverse and inclusive workforce, they seek additional ways to reach this targeted audience. Our recruitment marketing solutions allow employers to develop sites that target these niche audiences, such as veterans and individuals with disabilities, while providing accessibility tools that help simplify their job search.
Veterans Enterprise Solution
Help veterans see how their military skillset fits with your organization by incorporating a MOS/MOC translation tool onto your veteran-focused recruitment site.
Disability Enterprise Solution
Expand your disability outreach and display your company's commitment to hiring individuals with disabilities by enabling your site with zoom and speech capabilities that make employment opportunities more accessible for people with vision or language barriers.
Diversity Enterprise Solution
With a dedicated site and custom URL, job seekers can see that you are actively working to create a diverse workforce.
Making Employment. Tangible

To accommodate more visually minded job seekers, DirectEmployers Recruitment Marketing Solutions have the capability to incorporate an interactive map that displays jobs geographically-showing not only their locations across the globe, but also the total number of your jobs available in that locale.

Custom Map
This feature allows you to choose from hundreds of map variations and pick the one that best represents your brand.
Custom Pins
Use your company logo or a corresponding image to represent your job locations and number of available positions.
Embed In Your Site
Our technology allows you to use the map without leaving your career site.
Custom Map
This feature allows you to choose from hundreds of map variations and pick the one that best represents your brand.
Custom Pins
Use your company logo or a corresponding image to represent your job locations and number of available positions.
Embed In Your Site
Our technology allows you to use the map without leaving your career site.
Making Employment. Social
Our solution integrates with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ profiles, allowing job seekers another way to connect with your company. This provides a great opportunity for users to follow your company and share job listings throughout their social networks. Job seekers can also subscribe to an RSS feed that enables them to stay up-to-date with new job opportunities within your organization.
Making Employment. Flexible
We have the capability to align it with your branding guidelines.
We take your creative direction when it comes to content-i.e. images, video, copy-helping to further supplement your brand and improve awareness of your hiring initiatives.
We help you create a cohesive message across each of your recruitment sites that ties into your employment branding strategy.
Making Employment. Yours

By following the steps below, employers have seen significant growth from a traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics perspective. After all, why wouldn't positive results be achieved? Our Recruitment Marketing Platform was designed to help amplify your branding efforts and better reach your target audience, job seekers.

Link Your Career Site to the Platform
Build awareness and relevance to any new or recently built site by creating a link from an established website-i.e. your corporate career site-to your new recruitment site, helping to build credibility and drive traffic to your jobs.
Let the Platform be the Source of Distribution
Work with job boards and aggregators to make your recruitment site the direct source of job distribution, giving job seekers a direct connection to your ATS.
Promote Your New Site in Marketing & Advertising Materials:
Maximize your site's visibility and add additional traffic by including your recruitment sites in job seeker marketing material.
Contact Your Digital Strategist
Call (866) 268-6206 to discuss how to take full advantage of the benefits of our recruitment marketing solution, and obtain the greatest return from your investment!