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The Employment Line, Episode 2

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

This is The Employment Line: your direct connection for trends, tips and tools in the employment industry.

In this episode:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cari Dominguez (former EEOC chair)
  • Companies making a difference

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What Happened in Vegas?

Monday, October 18th, 2010

The DirectEmployers Association Annual Meeting & Conference 2010 (#DEAM10) was a celebration of 9 incredibly successful years, as well as kicking off our 10th year anniversary. DirectEmployers Association was established in October 2001 making October 2011 our 10-year anniversary. There was a subliminal “10” theme over the two days reflected by the prizes, videos and activities.

Opening day one, Executive Director Bill Warren welcomed Members and honored Rhonda Stickley for her tremendous leadership over the past 12 months, as well as the service of Shelia Gray for her exemplary service on the Board of Directors.

Bill Warren recognizes Shelia Gray (left) and Rhonda Stickley (right).

The conference was free for Members and invited guests of DirectEmployers Association. It was a who’s who of attendees including decision-makers from IBM, Xerox, McGraw-Hill, AT&T, Hyatt, Pitney Bowes, Research In Motion, John Deere, Siemens Corporation, Kellogg, Wells Fargo and hundreds of others. Attendees enjoyed fantastic networking, sharing of best practices and several terrific presentations.

The Zen of Social Media Marketing author Shama Kabani shared insights and research about the best social media recruitment sources and implementation of the selected methods.

Shama Kabani

Shama Kabani shares her expertise on recruiting through social media.

Author & Former 12th Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Cari Dominguez shared a glimpse of her Cuban heritage, and spoke about ‘Ganas,’ meaning inspired motivation—inner desire to succeed; captures the animating spirit within each person; drive plus discipline; values plus business sense; accepts and includes; develops and promotes; goes above and beyond. Dominguez also shared excerpts from her recent book, Leading with Your Heart: Diversity and Ganas for Inspired Inclusion in the Workplace. Attendees walked away from this presentation inspired to evaluate their motivations in leadership and whether they are truly going above and beyond.

Cari Dominguez teaches the meaning of Ganas.

All of the attendees had an opportunity to have their complimentary copies of Dominguez and Kabani’s book signed.

Where’s the Recruitment Industry Going? This was a question posed to four leading recruitment communication organization experts including Ron Blum (TMP), Matt Kaiser (NAS), Andy Katz (Hodes) and Paul Wills (Michaels Wilder). These experts cut through the clutter and hype to share their first-hand experience with tried and true successful campaigns and implementations.

Marlee Matlin

Marlee Matlin shares her life experiences during her keynote address.

Wrapping up day one was the keynote address from Academy Award Winning Actress & Activist, Marlee Matlin. Matlin candidly shared her challenges and triumphs in growing up deaf. From an early age, her parents immersed her into society and she learned how to adapt to a hearing world. Her parents created an environment where she believed everyone else had the “disability.” She encouraged everyone to look at opportunities instead of adversities. Matlin ended by graciously answering questions, then made herself available for photos and networking.

Rick Wehrle

Rick Wehrle leads the discussion around Direct SEO.

Day two began with a lively and interactive “round robin” session where Members were able to “pick the brains” of the DirectEmployers Association staff about key products and services. Members weighed in on the things they love about our services and provided feedback for enhancements. As always, the Members were in the driver’s seat, collaborating toward bigger and better opportunities.

Shirley Olwine and James Emmett stop for a quick photo after their presentation.

A highlight on day two was a co-presentation given by Shirley Olwine and James Emmett representing Indiana’s Vocational Rehabilitation Department. This duo shared many of their successful programs currently in place with companies like TIAA-CREF, Walgreens, and UPS. Olwine and Emmett also provided expert advice on developing programs and employment services for people with disabilities. They both encouraged employers to take full advantage of an underutilized and virtually untapped pool of highly skilled candidates.

Richard Cho

Richard Cho showcases a contest used to recruit top talent for Facebook.

An engaging and interactive presentation by Richard Cho from the social phenomenon Facebook rounded out the morning of day two. Cho provided many great examples of how Facebook uses social media for own recruiting, and why they deliberately incorporate many other tools in their recruitment practices. His presentation gave the audience an inside look at life working for Facebook.

Soledad O'Brien

Soledad O’Brien shares the hurdles she overcame in starting her career.

Following on their heels was our second keynote address from Acclaimed Special Investigations Correspondent and Host of CNN’s In America Documentaries, Soledad O’Brien. O’Brien has witnessed many injustices and segregation first-hand. She shared heart wrenching and unbelievable stories as well as heart warming and encouraging stories of inclusion and humanity embracing differences and diversity. O’Brien explained that she loves the CNN documentaries such as Black in America and Latino in America because they capture the unique and inspiring stories of everyday people, who are all too often depicted negatively in the press. Attendees asked intriguing and pointed questions of O’Brien about her beliefs and favorite interviews. She surprised the audience when she identified an interview with LeBron James as one of her favorites because of his entrepreneurial spirit, especially given his industry. Attendees were treated to a photo opportunity with O’Brien afterward.


A panel of professionals discusses the economy’s impact on college recruiting.

DirectEmployers Association’s partner, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), is providing stronger, more enhanced relationships to colleges and universities. NACE’s Jennifer Rutt coordinated a panel of three colleges and three employers, moderated by NACE’s Board President, Tom Devlin. Devlin asked the college and employer representatives questions around the impact of the economy, best practices with reduced budgets, branding strategies and alternative recruiting methods.

Jolene Jefferies, VP of Strategic Initiatives for DirectEmployers Association provided an overview of the new Recruitment Regulatory Compliance Committee (RRCC). The committee is designed to help Members address the challenges companies face meeting compliance regulations. Their first meeting was held in Las Vegas the day before the conference began.

Gerry Crispin, CareerXroads Principal, challenged companies to take a much closer look at their candidate experience and shared his research findings from the past several years. Crispin has applied to many of the Fortune 100 under assumed aliases like Jimmy Knee Cricket. He has received many calls from desperate recruiters wanting to hire his fictional characters proving they haven’t truly looked at the content. Instead, they’re relying on keywords to trigger their response.

Concluding the conference, Lisa Stern with the Department of Labor’s America’s Heroes at Work, helped the audience gain a much better understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Dispelling myths, providing resources and sharing relevant information about the reality of these situations, Stern encouraged employers to educate their hiring managers. Instead of bringing our heroes home to prejudices and ignorance, Stern explained how to prepare and welcome them with the civilian jobs they deserve.

Overall, attendees were educated and enlightened on subjects varying from diversity in the workplace to the zen of social media, while networking with new acquaintances and reconnecting with previous contacts.

Stay tuned for news of our 2011 Annual Meeting & Conference, location, dates and agenda!