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Attracting Top Talent Via A Distinguishable Online Brand

Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

It is getting more and more difficult for brands to stand out when trying to attract top talent. In fact, in a recent study conducted by Universum, over 50% of respondents stated their biggest challenge in attracting talent is differentiation.

talent attraction stat from UniversumThe Internet is the go-to place for job seekers to search for jobs, and many companies are missing out on opportunities to standout amongst their competitors. Company career sites are not attracting top talent because they are too generic, revealing less about their unique position statement and more about their benefits and what they have to offer. DirectEmployers Member, Phillips 66, has taken significant steps forward, creating long-standing partnerships with several large universities who they have identified as providing good talent. After developing these partnerships, Phillips 66 incorporated a way to showcase these university relationships into their career site, thus distinguishing themselves as a key target company for new graduating talent. See how they’ve built their brand and partner outreach efforts into their campus recruiting initiatives by visiting http://p66oncampus.jobs.

Bland statements like, “This is a fun place to work…” that are intended to attract new talent are missing the mark. Companies need to provide creative ways to showcase their work environment. In addition to acting as their corporate career site, Member company, REI, has done just this by using authentic pictures of employees and direct, meaningful quotes from their team members about their experience at the company. See REI’s career site and how they’ve made their brand stand out amongst the crowd by visiting http://REI.jobs.


One way Phillips 66 is distinguishing themselves as a key target company for new graduating talent is through http://p66oncampus.jobs.

Finally, companies need to understand how to make top talent feel wanted. Knowing what is important to the talent you are trying to attract is half the battle in distinguishing yourself. A big challenge for veterans and military service members transitioning from active duty to a civilian job is finding the jobs that fit their skill set. To aid in this transition Member company AT&T has incorporated a customized military skills translator to assist in taking military-learned skills and translating them into skills applicable to civilian jobs. Through a veteran-focused My.jobs Microsite, AT&T, can speak to their military audience and provide them with a more customized job search tool.

Are you looking for better ways to distinguish your company and showcase what makes you the right choice for top talent? Schedule a demo today and in return for your time, we’ll send you a $10 Starbucks gift card. Click here to schedule a demo.

Employers Refine Veterans Job Search Tool

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Employers across the nation are refining their military crosswalks to better match veteran job seekers with civilian job openings. If you’re a veteran and have previously had trouble matching your MOS/MOC to job opportunities, we’ve got good news for you! Watch the video below to learn how DirectEmployers Members like AT&T and Phillips 66 have gone the extra mile by putting a little heart into their veteran hiring initiatives.

Key takeaways:

Employers and job seekers may also be interested in the Veterans Connect Career Fair, October 21. Learn more at http://vetconnect.directemployers.org.

The Employment Line, Episode 11: Key Tips for Talent SEO & How You Can Help Redefine Online Recruitment

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

In this episode:

  • Tips on SEO for recruiting
  • Taking advantage of your ATS and source code tracking
  • Join the .JOBS Advisory Committee

Keeping you connected, with no waiting—The Employment Line. Thank you for watching.

The Employment Line is brought to you by DirectEmployers, a non-profit association of global employers, which provides simple, sophisticated solutions for Human Resources and Recruitment.

.JOBS Update: Hiring Veterans

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

In this episode:

How Ryder, AT&T and other Federal Contractors are utilizing .JOBS in their veterans initiatives including:

  • Using our military translator, Ryder allows vets to match their military skill set with complementary civilian job openings
  • AT&T has created an entire veteran eco system with careers4vets.att.jobs
  • Improved search capabilities and visually enhanced pages on veterans.jobs

Have a best practice that you want to share around .JOBS? Email us at info@directemployers.org.

Career Microsites Changing How Job Seekers Find Employers

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Over 400 of the Fortune 500 Have Launched Career Microsites on the Intuitive .JOBS Internet Top Level Domain

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Large employers are increasingly turning to career microsites to advertise job openings. Over 400 of the Fortune 500 have launched .JOBS Career Microsites, according to DirectEmployers Association, the leading providers of over 1,000 career microsites. Career microsites are highly specialized sites that allow an employer to list jobs targeting specific job seeker searches. Each month, job seekers perform over 200 million searches for jobs using search engines like Google and Bing.

“.JOBS Career Microsites enhance employer recruitment strategies,” according to DirectEmployers’ Executive Director, Bill Warren. “Microsites are more cost effective, put the employer back in control of the hiring process, and allow employers to compete for search position on Google and Bing.” The result is that job seekers can search, click on a result, and apply for the job directly on the employer’s own online application. If the job does not fit, career microsites make it easy for the job seeker to browse or search for a better match.

“Change is the rule for career microsites,” said Warren. “Between changing employer needs, technology innovation and increased government regulation there is need for constant change.” Warren points out, “just in the last year we’ve added veteran specific job search features, a very powerful search engine, and numerous enhancements to make our .JOBS Career Microsites more efficient.”

Early returns show the strategy to be working. In January, Google indexed over 1.5 million web pages for the career microsites created and hosted by DirectEmployers Association. “When doing a highly targeted search on Google for ‘IHG Chef Jobs’ the http://ihg-chef.jobs/ microsite is within the desirable top results,” continues Warren. “Job seekers are then directed to the IHG microsite that displays these jobs.”

Francene Taylor, Director, Resourcing – Americas for IHG also goes straight to the point: “In the six months following implementing our .JOBS Career Microsite strategy, we increased hires by 60% referred by free search engines.”

Companies like AT&T, IBM, Newell Rubbermaid and IHG all have implemented their own highly targeted .JOBS Career Microsites. According to a DirectEmployers Association case study, AT&T has over 70 different career microsites producing thousands of indexed web pages. Each site targets specific job seekers resulting in more highly qualified job applicants.

About DirectEmployers Association
DirectEmployers Association is a nonprofit HR consortium of leading global employers formed to improve labor market efficiency through the sharing of best practices, research and the development of technology. .JOBS Career Microsites are one of the many technologies that DirectEmployers Association makes available to members. For more information on DirectEmployers Association, visit http://directemployers.org.

SOURCE DirectEmployers Association

The White House Announces Federal and Private Sector Commitments to Provide Employment Opportunities for Nearly 180,000 Youth

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Below is an official press release from The White House sent January 5, 2012 regarding the Summer Jobs+ initiative. Last year, DirectEmployers Association and many of its Members participated in this vital program for employing America’s young people facing record unemployment. View original release.

We Can’t Wait: The White House Announces Federal and Private Sector Commitments to Provide Employment Opportunities for Nearly 180,000 Youth

Today, the White House announced Summer Jobs+, a new call to action for businesses, non-profits, and government to work together to provide pathways to employment for low-income and disconnected youth in the summer of 2012. The President proposed $1.5 billion for high-impact summer jobs and year-round employment for low-income youth ages 16-24 in the American Jobs Act as part of the Pathways Back to Work fund. When Congress failed to act, the Federal government and private sector came together to commit to creating nearly 180,000 employment opportunities for low-income youth in the summer of 2012, with a goal of reaching 250,000 employment opportunities by the start of summer, at least 100,000 of which will be placements in paid jobs and internships. Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of executive actions the Obama Administration is taking to strengthen the economy and move the country forward because we can’t wait for Congress to act.

“America’s young people face record unemployment, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they’ve got the opportunity to earn the skills and a work ethic that come with a job. It’s important for their future, and for America’s. That’s why I proposed a summer jobs program for youth in the American Jobs Act – a plan that Congress failed to pass. America’s youth can’t wait for Congress to act. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment. That’s why today, we’re launching Summer Jobs+, a joint initiative that challenges business leaders and communities to join my Administration in providing hundreds of thousands of summer jobs for America’s youth,” said President Obama.

“While young people who are currently disconnected from school or work are not contributing to our economy, we see these young people as ‘Opportunity Youth’ – because of the untapped potential they bring to the Nation. Today, the White House challenged all sectors to go all-in and work together in creating pathways to youth employment. Summer jobs are an important step – and to stay on the path to success, Opportunity Youth need social supports and access to relevant education, mentoring and training. This spring, the White House Council for Community Solutions will participate in community discussions nationwide to learn from best efforts by youth, families, government, business, educators, and nonprofits to connect young people to meaningful career opportunities,” said Patty Stonesifer, Chair of the White House Council for Community Solutions (WHCCS).

The Administration also announced its intention to launch, within 60 days, the Summer Jobs+ Bank, a one-stop search tool for youth to access postings for any participating employers seeking to reach them where they are online. The search tool builds upon an open standard, the JobPosting schema endorsed by schema.org in November, 2011 in support of the Veterans Jobs Bank,and will include technical and promotional support by Google, Internships.com, AfterCollege, LinkedIn and Facebook. Today the Corporation for National and Community Service released a new toolkit created in collaboration with the WHCCS and employers to support businesses and communities in their efforts to help young people become productive citizens and connect to greater opportunities, both of which are critical for the long-term strength and competiveness of the Nation.

Today’s announcements build on previous commitments from the Obama Administration to support summer youth employment. In 2009 and 2010, communities across the country used Recovery Act funds to directly support summer work opportunities for over 367,000 young people. In the summer of 2011, the Department of Labor brought together private sector commitments to employ over 80,000 youth.

A new analysis released today by the WHCCS showed that in 2011 alone, taxpayers shouldered more than $93 billion in direct costs and lost tax revenue to support young adults disconnected from school and work. Over the lifetime of these young people, taxpayers will assume a $1.6 trillion burden to meet the increased needs and lost revenue from this group. Read the full analysis here.

Businesses, non-profits and government can accept the President’s call-to-action by directly hiring youth as well as providing corporate mentorship experiences, internship, and other opportunities that connect young people to jobs. The three key ways organizations can engage are:

  • Learn and Earn: Provide youth jobs for the summer of 2012 in the form of paid internships and/or permanent positions that provide on-the-job training. Of the roughly 180,000 job commitments announced today more than 70,000 are Learn and Earn commitments
  • Life Skills: Provide youth work-related soft skills, such as communication, time management and teamwork, through coursework and/or experience. This includes resume writing or interview workshops and mentorship programs.
  • Work Skills: Provide youth insight into the world of work to prepare for employment. This includes job shadow days and internships. More information about this initiative can be found at dol.gov/summerjobs

As the nation continues to recover from the deepest recession since the Great Depression, American youth are struggling to get the work experience they need for jobs of the future. According to the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (Current Population Survey):

  • 48.8 percent of youth between the ages of 16-24 were employed in July, the month when youth employment usually peaks. This is significantly lower than the 59.2 percent of youth who were employed five years ago and 63.3 percent of youth who were employed 10 years ago.
  • Minority youth had an especially difficult time finding employment this past summer. Only 34.6 percent of African American youth and 42.9 percent of Hispanic youth had a job this past July.

In addition to the organizations making commitments for the summer of 2012, the Department of Labor will honor UPS, We Are Golf, Wells Fargo, and Jamba Juice for their strong participation in their 2011 summer jobs effort and the Corporation for National and Community Service will honor Bank of America, State Street, Viacom, Deloitte, and JP Morgan for their leadership in corporate mentoring over the past year.

Commitments Announced Include:

The American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) is committed to improving employment outcomes for the many people with disabilities who are ready, willing, and able to work. The AAPD Summer Internship Program will provide 30 young people with disabilities the opportunity to engage in ten weeks of public service through paid internships on Capitol Hill, in federal agencies, nonprofits, and for-profit businesses.

AT&T is committed to providing nearly 350 summer jobs in 2012 through a variety of summer job initiatives. These opportunities help students, from high school to recent college graduates, develop skills and gain insight while preparing them to more successfully enter the job market. Examples of AT&T summer opportunities for college students include leadership development internships on the fields on finance, retail, IT and engineering, as well as participation in college internship initiatives with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and the Dr. Emmett J. Conrad Leadership Program. In addition to these unique opportunities, AT&T will also provide high school students the opportunity to experience the world of work through the Mayor’s Interns Fellows Program in Newark, NJ. Also in 2012, AT&T will reach their initial goal of providing 100,000 high school students the opportunity to learn more about career options and what it takes to be successful in today’s workforce through the AT&T/JA Worldwide Job Shadow Initiative.

Bank of America, as part of its broader three-year $50 million goal to support education and workforce development opportunities for underserved populations, will continue to invest significantly in youth and young adults in 2012, including 1,500 paid internships at the company and local nonprofits as well as job placement programs, in conjunction with more than 80,000 hours from employee volunteers. Recognizing the value of mentoring to help make opportunities possible for young people, Bank of America served as the primary sponsor of the National Mentoring Partnership’s 2011 National Mentoring Summit, at which the Corporate Mentoring Challenge was launched. In 2011, Bank of America invested more than $15 million, and its employees volunteered more than 75,000 hours to help youth and young adults attain life and work skills to propel them towards long-term success.

Baxter International Inc. pledges to support Summer Jobs+ by expanding their education initiative, Science@Work. As an extension of Science@Work – a multiyear commitment to support teacher training and student development in healthcare and biotechnology through a partnership with Chicago Public Schools – Baxter will reach 300-500 students. These students will participate in a variety of programs: the Career Training Program, in which Baxter professionals will assist students with career planning, soft skill development and interviewing skills; the 2012 Summer Job Shadowing program, in which students will participate in a unique shadowing experience with young Baxter professionals; and through Science @Work Community of Support, in which students will participate in an on-going relationship management program that provides counsel and professional support during college careers.

Bender Consulting Services, Inc. is committed to investing in youth who are living with disabilities, to support the development of life and work skills required by private and public sector employers. Partnering with local high-schools in Pittsburgh, PA and Newark, DE, Bender Consulting, through the year-long Bender Leadership Academy Program will train 60 high-school students with disabilities, many who are low-income, about how to be successful in the world of work. Four students who complete this program will work on a short-term paid summer internship in Bender Consulting’s offices in Pittsburgh, PA. Bender Consulting will also provide two to four, 12 week summer HR internships to low income youth, including youth with disabilities.

The Camber Corporation provides young people with real-life work experience, opportunities to enhance their professional skillsets, and mentorship from their qualified employees during paid internships. In 2011, 25% of their graduated interns were hired as full-time Camber employees to serve in the areas of accounting, engineering, and human resources. In 2012, Camber plans to offer 8 internship opportunities.

CenturyLink has had summer internship programs for more than 25 years and looks forward to participating in Summer Jobs+ in 2012. CenturyLink believes that one of its strengths is the diversity of its people, and they are committed to fostering diversity among the 50 summer jobs they will hire this year.

The Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) has made a commitment to provide approximately 4,000 disadvantaged youth with national service opportunities through AmeriCorps programs operating in the summer of 2012. The AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate Program, funded in part through private sector commitments, will place youth in communities across the country to address poverty and hunger. In addition, AmeriCorps State and National programs will engage youth in education and conservation projects, and the AmeriCorps NCCC Summer of Service program is designed to introduce teenagers, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to national service and to foster in them such values as teamwork, responsibility, and the ethic of serving one’s community. These stipended service opportunities train youth in the life and work skills, such as teamwork, problem solving, and leadership, that are critical for success in the labor market, while engaging in activities that tackle tough societal challenges.

CVS Caremark is committing to hire over 20,000 youth between the ages of 16 and 24 in 2012. Many of the new employees will occupy part-time and full-time positions such as pharmacy service associates, technicians, cashiers and interns in a variety of corporate functions.

Deloitte helps American high school students prepare for college and careers through its Their Future Is Our Future program. As part of this program, 500,000 students have experienced the Life Inc. career exploration curriculum and Deloitte is committed to serve tens of thousands of students in 2012. Through a series of lessons, self-discovery techniques, and virtual role models tailored for youth in middle and high school, Life, Inc. introduces students to various career possibilities and helps them determine what kind of educational experiences they will need in order to pursue them. The program includes a website, career guide, teacher’s guide and student journal, which features seven lessons that are delivered by teachers in schools and after school youth programs. Additionally, through deep relationships with national nonprofits that lead on education including MENTOR, United Way, College Summit and City Year, Deloitte contributes cash, pro bono service and the time of one-on-one mentors to help young people pursue the education and skills they need to succeed in the 21st century.

The Department of Agriculture has made a commitment to provide approximately 7,100 youth with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience during the summer of 2012 by working with various USDA Mission Areas and Agencies throughout the country. The USDA provides leadership on food, agriculture, natural resources, and related issues based on sounds public policy, the best available science, and efficient management. USDA is committed to forming a pipeline of talented youth who will be our future leaders by giving them the opportunity for hands-on work experience in a variety of science, technology, engineering, math, administrative, management, agribusiness and industry positions.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) will commit to supporting 324 summer jobs for low-income youth in 2012. HHS offices will be supporting paid summer jobs as well as other employment enhancement opportunities. The Office of Human Resources’ Strategic Programs Division (SPD) will host at least two classes in the “Life Skills” pathway to support 120 youth. These classes will have up to 50 participants each and will focus on work-related soft skills, such as communication, time management, and teamwork. Additionally, SPD will allow for 20 students to participate in the “Work Skills” pathway. These 20 students will shadow SPD employees for the day to offer insight into the federal workplace and to prepare them for employment.

The Department of the Interior has committed to providing approximately 12,000 young Americans with work opportunities in the summer of 2012 on public lands, tribal lands, national parks, wildlife refuges, and environmental restoration projects nationwide. Interior has increased the number of summer job opportunities it offers for young people under the Obama administration by 30 percent – helping more people from all walks of life to enjoy the great outdoors, and to pursue work opportunities and careers in the stewardship of America’s natural, cultural, and historic resources as part of the President’s America’s Great Outdoors initiative.

The DirectEmployers Association is a nonprofit HR consortium of leading global employers formed to improve labor market efficiency through the sharing of best practices, research and the development of technology. They are committed to hiring 5 youths this summer in the Indianapolis area to provide opportunities to learn the skills needed to be successful in the workforce as well as to encourage and motivate them to continue with their education.

Discovery Communications provides multiple avenues for young people to discover a summer job and a lasting career. Through the Discover Your Skills campaign youth can learn about exciting career opportunities in skilled trades and critical growth areas like manufacturing, health care, energy, technology, construction and other industries. A partnership with Montgomery College provides community college students with the skills they need to take advantage of available job opportunities. In addition, Discovery’s robust internship program will provide nearly 300 college students career opportunities in a variety of fields in 2012.

Easter Seals will be working to create summer opportunities for three young people with disabilities and will be disseminating information about the Summer Jobs+ initiative throughout their nationwide network of affiliates. These positions will be in the “learn and earn” category of the initiative. While working for Easter Seals, young people will have the opportunity to learn various aspects of nonprofit management including marketing and corporate relations, public policy, program management, development and more.

Expeditors, through its Opportunity Knocks program, recruits and supports disconnected youth so they can get training in a professional environment that can be leveraged for future success. Since starting the program in 2008, Expeditors has helped 25 disconnected youth in six offices throughout the United States and is committed to adding 75 positions in another twenty offices in 2012 to bring the total participation to 100 youth.

Gap Inc. is supporting 80,000 youth in 2012 through a variety of programs, which include connecting youth to employment through the development of relevant life skills and work ready skills, as well as providing on-the-job training through learn and earn experiences.

General Dynamics C4 Systems is committed to hiring 40 young people during the summer of 2012 and is partnering with Sentinels of Freedom, Wounded Warriors, Diversity Careers, SWE, SHPE, NSBE and WOC to support hiring needs nationwide.

Goodwill Industries International is proud to be one of the first organizations to support the Summer Jobs+ program. Through Goodwill’s unique social enterprise business model, it creates employment and job training. This year, the organization will expand services for youth at the beginning their careers. Goodwill is committed to hiring 1,200 youth ages 16 to 24, provide more than 3,200 youth with life skills services and over 2,300 with work skills services. Almost 2,000 youth will be engaged in learn and earn services. Thousands more youth will be provided virtual career mentoring and exploration services.

H-E-B has committed to expand their summer jobs program by 19 percent. In the summer of 2012, 5,171 16-24 year olds will be hired to work at H-E-B.

J.B. Hunt Transport is focused on providing opportunities for young people to experience a professional working environment, particularly those in the Hispanic community in Arkansas. Through a partnership with ALPFA, the company reaches out to local high school students and helps raise awareness of opportunities in business, and provides mentors for college students. For 2012, J.B. Hunt is increasing the number of summer positions at headquarters to 20, and expanding college internships at our field locations throughout the United States.

Jamba Juice has made a significant commitment to training and hiring young people and will pledge to hire at least 2,500 youth in the summer of 2012. Jamba Juice has a successful summer in 2011 when the company hired nearly 2,700 youth for summer work — 200 more than their pledge made as part of the “Summer Jobs USA: Make a Commitment” initiative. Additionally, Jamba Juice also recently launched a new internship program for Job Corps students.

JPMorgan Chase has been a leader in supporting “Learn and Earn” and “career and skill development” programs in cities all across the country for decades. During the 2011 Corporate Mentoring Challenge, JPMorgan Chase was inspired to step up in a leadership role – by funding and launching the Illinois Mentoring Partnership, introducing other potential funders and connecting non-profit organizations, who deliver the programs. In Chicago, JPMorgan Chase also has supported, since its creation 20 years ago, After School Matters, a program that helps teens discover and nurture their talents and aspirations for future successes. The bank’s support in 2012 will provide 1,300 teens with hands-on, project-based programs to learn about rewarding careers and to help develop marketable job skills.

LinkedIn has committed to offer 200 internships in the summer of 2012. Additionally, LinkedIn is committed to adopting the JobPosting schema and letting any company post their summer internship jobs (or entry level jobs) on the LinkedIn website at no cost.

ManpowerGroup is proud to support summer jobs through a direct commitment of 20 jobs at our global headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and at Manpower branch offices across the nation. Through its work with local Workforce Investment Boards and One-Stop Career Centers, Manpower supports employment opportunities for thousands of people touched by the public workforce system.

Operation HOPE, as part of the Gallup-HOPE Index Cities Initiative, commits to secure 20 businesses and place 500 youth through youth business internships, mentorships, shadow days or actual small business or entrepreneurship start-ups. Through the Gallup-HOPE Index Cities initiative, Operation HOPE, in partnership with Gallup intend to create a new youth entrepreneurial and business class in America, along with a new culture of progressive business mentoring by Corporate America.

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) maintains a strong focus on providing learning and work opportunities for youth in the United States. Through its host of early-identification programs and a robust internship program designed for undergraduate students, PwC seeks to provide students the learning, coaching, and training opportunities and professional relationships they need to develop professionally and personally, while also learning about unique opportunities in a career in professional services. For the summer of 2012, PwC is committed to hiring 1,500 youth across the country.

The SI Organization will hire more than 100 young people in 2012 for full-time entry-level and internship/co-op positions focused on engineering and integration services in the U.S. Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and other agencies.

Starbucks Coffee Company is supporting more than 25,000 youth this summer through a variety of programs. The company will work with local nonprofits and others to engage 20,000 young people in life skills and job readiness development. This commitment is in alignment with our Youth Action Grants programs, supporting young people to address critical issues in their communities. Starbucks supports nonprofit organizations to give young people the skills and resources to be catalysts for change through community service. One example of an organization Starbucks supports is Generation On in multiple cities across the US; this is a program of Hands On Network. Starbucks plans to work closely with its grant recipients to maximize the life skills training and service opportunities and to increase their outreach to underserved youth. The company will also provide hands-on and learn and earn experiences for 5,000 young people working at Starbucks.

State Street Corporation is committed to providing workforce development and education opportunities to approximately 1,000 youth each summer in cities including Boston, New York, Kansas City, and Sacramento among others. The company supports a continuum of meaningful job opportunities starting with funding subsidized wage placements in community-based organizations for first-time job experiences, as well as placements in professional positions at State Street for those who have developed basic employability skills and are ready for more responsibility.

Syracuse University will provide 200 jobs to college-aged students working in the Say Yes to Education Syracuse’s Summer Camp for academic enrichment and youth leadership. Syracuse University will also provide 50 positions to 16-21 year olds in a SU partnership with CNY Works on a Summer Youth Initiative.

The McGraw-Hill Companies is committed to growing its 12-week paid summer internship program which employs youth across all of their businesses to 260 summer internships for 2012. In 2011, McGraw-Hill employed over 250 Summer Interns and roughly 10% of last year’s interns were offered full-time positions after graduation.

UPS, the global leader in logistics, is continuing its commitment to summer jobs and will offer 1,500 employment opportunities to youth across the country in 2012. Most opportunities qualify for employment benefits and UPS’ educational assistance program which can pay up to $3,000 a year for educational benefits.

Viacom has committed to provide internship and mentorship programs to connect youth to employment opportunities. Through their Summer Associates Program, VIACOM will provide 10 recent college graduates young people a 10 week paid training program in the summer 2012 fostering professional and personal development and unlocking the doors to valuable real-world experience. Through their partnership with POSSE’s Career Program, Viacom will provide 30 college students high school students with a paid internship. In addition, mentoring initiatives such as Viacom’s national mentoring program Get Connected, created with the Get Schooled Foundation, will assist students through meaningful connections with adults with the ultimate goal of helping to keep them in school and realize their true potential.

WE ARE GOLF is a national not-for-profit organization formed to tell the story of the nearly 2 million hardworking men and women who make golf a great sport and whose livelihoods depend on it. Golf courses across the country are building on their 2011 commitment of 2,700 summer jobs and WE ARE GOLF is bringing far more golf courses to this initiative in 2012 to offer tens of thousands more jobs to young people.

Wells Fargo has made an ongoing and significant commitment to its communities, including opportunities for summertime work, networking and training for young people. In the summer of 2012, Wells Fargo will support 1,000 employment opportunities for youth.

Along with significant commitments from across the business sector, national organizations are answering the President’s challenge. United Way Worldwide will work with local chapters in approximately 30 cities and regions to host a series of Community Conversations, where local leaders will join with ordinary citizens to map out what they can do to pull together the support needed to create opportunity and pathways for young adults.

Only In Indianapolis

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Annual Meeting Celebrates 10 Years of Achievements, Influence and Growth

When we announced the 2011 Annual Meeting and Conference was going to be in Indianapolis, Members had a variety of responses. Some included: “Really?” “How could it compete with Vegas?” “What’s in Indianapolis?” Or, one of my favorites, “Why?”

The mixed reactions were understandable. After all, the majority of our meetings had been in Vegas. But we wanted to be different this time around and bring Members to the Hoosier State, where we could leverage home court advantage and help keep travel and lodging costs reasonable.

In addition to moving the event to the Circle City, we added a master of ceremonies, Courtney Bishop. Recommended by our video team, Courtney was able to keep the sessions moving smoothly. This also gave me and the other VPs a chance to spend more time with Members.

Brian Jensen discusses the 2011 milestones for DirectEmployers Association

The format of the conference was slightly modified. We brought in Members to speak in the majority of the sessions and offered concurrent sessions on day two. This gave Members more exposure to each other and gave them insight into different ways to leverage Member benefits.

DirectEmployers President Brian Jensen, VP – Talent Acquisition for The McGraw-Hill Companies, kicked off day one with an overview of the association. Some of the key accomplishments he shared included: .jobs; the launch of veterans.jobs and militaryfamily.jobs; the Summer Jobs initiative with the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL); testimony to House Committee of Veterans’ Affairs; joining forces with USA Cares; and the Recruitment Regulatory Compliance Committee’s response to the OFCCP Proposed Regulations for Veterans.

Next, the DirectEmployers Ops Team provided updates for their respective departments. The presentations can be found in the Annual Meeting Archives in the Pipeline.

Next, Carrie Corbin from AT&T and I presented a Member case study on the ATT.jobs Career Site and showed how a combined effort of Talent Brew and .jobs microsites were able to improve AT&T’s SEO Footprint. The full case study is at casestudy.jobs.

Members Mike Cooper from DTE Energy, Jeremy Cummings from Providence Health & Services, Ray Schreyer from IBM and France Taylor of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) also shared how they have strategically adapted their recruitment strategies to align with the evolution of how job seekers are searching for employment.

Pam Gerassimides, National Labor Exchange Director and Assistant Executive Director of the National Association of State Workforce Agencies and Marilyn Mackes, Executive Director from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, provided attendees with a brief overview their organizations and our partnerships.

Then, keynote speaker Joe Lakis, VP of Policy and Strategic Initiatives of the Equal Employment Advisory Council (EEAC) and Senior Partner with Norris, Tysse, Lampley & Lakis, LLP provided Members with a significant amount of information around regulatory, policy and enforcement changes that have occurred at the OFCCP since’09.

Chad Sowash, wrapped things up with an in-depth discussion of how the fabric of the Internet is changing and blending with search, social and mobile.

DirectEmployers Social Networking Reception

Annual Meeting attendees at the social networking reception.

To blow off some steam, attendees went upstairs to a networking reception – complete with a Rock ‘N’ Roll Dueling Piano Show. Members who weren’t quite ready to turn in for the night regrouped for a tour of Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the next Super Bowl.

Concurrent sessions about social media and OFCCP audits started day two. Tom Eckhart joined Tipton Bradford from IHG to help Members understand the regulatory processes and key measures to take to ensure a smooth OFCCP audit.

Meanwhile, Tipton’s colleague, Francene Taylor, was in the next room with Anthony Scarpino of Sodexo and Jessica Miller-Merrill, CEO of Xceptional HR. These individuals sat on a panel moderated by Katie Pfledderer about social media sharing their trials, tribulations and success stories. Attendees learned about unique initiatives such as Sodexo’s Facebook Prom.

Next, WellPoint’s Chief Diversity Officer, Linda Jimenez, took to the stage and shared a wealth of knowledge around creating an effective diversity strategy. She touched on defining the business case, evaluation, education and metrics.

NASWA, National Labor Exchange (NLX) Ops Committee and RRCC Committee shared updates and accomplishments over 2011 as well as an outlook for 2012.

After a short break, attendees came back with the option of attending “Social Media Platforms: The Recruiting Reality and Mitigating Risk,” or “Creating Talent Pipeline Programs with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hyatt & Southern Company.”

David Baffa, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP was very well-received for his sense of humor and true grasp of both the challenges and benefits of using social media as an HR practitioner.

Josh Bleill

Marine Corporal Josh Bleill shares his story and infectious sense of humor.

Upon returning from lunch, all attendees received a life-changing experience with Josh Bleill. Josh was on active duty in Fallujah when an IED struck his Humvee. Five days later, he awoke to the loss of his two friends and both of his legs. It wasn’t just the tragedy that impacted the audience, but rather Josh’s infectious sense of humor and advice to employers as they work to hire veterans and people with a disability. Members were able to meet Josh and received a copy of his book, “One Step At A Time.”

John Reiner followed Josh, and similarly faced something unimaginable – being told by his doctor not to eat. He reflected on the agonizing battle, the process of healing and the importance of focusing on the things that matter most. Members also had an opportunity to get a copy of his book, “The Man Who Couldn’t Eat” and meet John.

Returning by popular demand from 2010, Shama Kabani, CEO of the Marketing Zen Group was next. This time she shared “10 Social Media Recruiting Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them.” A few of the 10 mistakes mentioned were under utilizing Facebook ads for recruitment, overlooking sites like Pinterest, and not leveraging current employees. Her enthusiasm was probably captured best in one of our Member’s tweet:

Tweet about Shama

Steve Uzzell ended day two with his mind-blowing photographs, which he displayed as illustrations for metaphors about possibility and creativity. He urged attendees to constantly re-examine what they think they know. This presentation made it clear why he’s one of the top advertising and corporate photographers in the United States.

After a day full of emotions, statistics and what not to do’s, some attendees shed tears of laughter at Crackers Comedy Club. Even the comedians got into fun by sporting DirectEmployers blinking pins.

Brad Stevens and I after he coached attendees on the importance of integrity and being a team.

Friday morning, a resident Hoosier and Head Men’s Basketball Coach for Butler University, Brad Stevens talked about his approach to coaching and drew parallels from his prior corporate role. He emphasized integrity, being upfront with your recruits and being passionate about something bigger than yourself.

The conference closed off-site at a location that Indianapolis is perhaps best known for – the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Richard Petty Ride-A-Long gave attendees a front seat to what it’s like to experience a 600HP NASCAR racecar 3-lap qualifying run.

DierctEmployers Annual Meeting Richard Petty Ride A-Long

Attendees gearing up for a ride at the track.

I’m fairly certain that most, if not all attendees walked away with a better understanding of “Why Indianapolis” as well as “Why DirectEmployers.” Thank you very much to all who attended, and the incredible staff and crew. We’ll see you next year!

To see more of the 2011 DirectEmployers Annual Meeting and Conference, visit http://app.ly/DEAM11 (case sensitive) or view the archives in the Pipeline.

Member Spotlight | Jennifer Terry, AT&T

Monday, September 26th, 2011
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“Some of the perks and advantages of DirectEmployers being member-owned and run is that we’re really steering the direction of the Association.“

Jennifer Terry
Director-Staffing Strategic Initiatives, AT&T

AT&T received the ERE Recruiting Excellence Award for Best Corporate Careers Website this past spring. Over the years, the company has also been recognized for just about every workplace award from diversity to technology. Jennifer Terry, Director – Staffing Strategic Initiatives, is part of the driving force that keeps the staffing team at the top of their game. She has been a Member of the DirectEmployers Association from the beginning, so we sat down with her at our 2010 Annual Meeting to learn what member benefits she values most, along with her organization’s greatest challenges.

So how did you decide to become a member of DirectEmployers?
I learned about DirectEmployers during its launch. As the group was forming, it was evident that it was going to have tools, resources and a consortium of members that I could use immediately to benchmark something bigger than just the general blog roll, or something along those lines.

Why was that attractive to you?
It’s very hard, especially as a large employer, and a top tier employer, to find other people with whom to network at your level. So it was really imperative that we find and get together with the right people from other companies that are of our size and stature and have the same types of jobs, or broad-based types of jobs.

And as a result of your membership with DirectEmployers, what are some of the aspects or products and services that you find your company utilizes the most?
The Direct Syndication was really the original selling point that got us interested, and I think the cooperation with the state workforce agencies, and how simple it makes it to get your jobs broadcast out to everyone, was really the tipping factor.

For those who have never been exposed to DirectEmployers, explain in your own terms what is Direct Syndication? What does it mean?
Direct Syndication is an extremely easy way to get your jobs sent everywhere. You set it up one time and from then on out, it posts your jobs to places like VetCentral, Disaboom and several others that hit the more niche markets that are a little harder to get and a little more expensive to pay for, if you were to buy them individually.

You mentioned a couple of the services and products, but beyond that, what are some of the things that really keep you at DirectEmployers?
One of the reasons we’ve stayed with DirectEmployers so long is because it’s often hard to find benchmarks or at least good opinions of your peers. DirectEmployers offers a survey that they’ll send out to all of their members, on pretty much any topic that you need, and you can share in the results. You can find out good information and we use that on a regular basis.

And as far as annual conferences, what’s your motivation for coming? What’s your motivation for coming back?
The DirectEmployers Conferences have been fabulous. There’s a good mix of networking and educational items. They even have classes where you can earn PHR re-certification credits.

What are some of the things that you’re looking forward to or excited about, or things that you’re hoping to learn as a result of being connected with DirectEmployers?
I think that the biggest thing we’re hoping to learn and to get from DirectEmployers is best practices from other people and not even necessarily in our industry, but people that are also part of our craft – really learning what it’s like to be a great recruiter and a great recruiting organization, steering strategy and having an open forum and network to do that.

For people or companies that might be just learning about DirectEmployers and may not be partners or members of DirectEmployers, what would your little pitch be to them?
Every employer should consider joining DirectEmployers, for a couple of reasons. It’s a group voice in several areas, whether it’s lobbying, whether it’s working toward The .Jobs Universe, top-level domain, whether it’s Direct Syndication, search engine optimization, or just the networking. All of those things together for a price point that is well below a major job board or joining something like a large organization dedicated to HR. The price point is absolutely reasonable and it’s governed by us – the employers.

Why does it make a difference that DirectEmployers is owned by its members? Why is that important to you?
Some of the perks and advantages of DirectEmployers being member-owned and run is that we’re steering the direction of the Association. The Association’s leaders are experts in the field. They pulled together a great group of people that really help employers come together, share a vision, work together to execute on that vision, and they’re really the backbone and support for that. All we need to do is offer insight and input and they take it from there.

DirectEmployers Association Supports President Obama’s Commitment To Employing America’s Veterans

Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

Indianapolis, IN – August 9, 2011 – DirectEmployers Association supports President Obama’s commitment to employing America’s veterans. Continuing efforts to help get our military veterans back to work, the Association has partnered with Code for America in creating the Veterans Employment Platform offering an online military skills translator for employers across the country.

The Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR), an organization within the Department of Defense, has awarded DirectEmployers Association with an “Above and Beyond” award in recognition of the company’s “outstanding service and continuing support” of U.S. defense efforts.

“DirectEmployers Association recognizes that our veterans bring leadership skills, a sense of teamwork, as well as a commitment to succeed,” states Bill Warren, Executive Director for DirectEmployers Association. “We are honored to continue a long history of supporting this very well deserved military community of our nation’s heroes.”

DirectEmployers Association also provides an online program to help veterans find jobs. This platform is a .jobs Military Crosswalk customized for hiring companies worldwide. Member companies AT&T, Camber Corporation, Providence Health & Services, and ConocoPhillips are the first to pilot this platform.

Veterans seeking employment can visit the following websites to locate wide variety of opportunities: www.Veterans.jobs; http://att-veterans.jobs; http://camber-veterans.jobs; http://providence-veterans.jobs; http://conocophillips-veterans.jobs

Many more of these corporate websites with private sector jobs will be available in the near future.

Visit the White House website for President Obama’s press release.

About DirectEmployers Association
DirectEmployers Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, 600 plus member employer association. As provided in its corporate bylaws, a board of directors consisting of member company representatives manages the business and affairs of the Association. Daily operations are managed by an executive director and operations staff at the direction of the president and board of directors. Its mission is to provide employers an employment network that is cost-effective, improves labor market efficiency and reaches an ethnically diverse national workforce. For more news and information, please visit www.DirectEmployers.org.


Veterans.jobs assists military personnel in transitioning from active duty to employment opportunities in the civilian workforce. Using the Military Crosswalk, Veterans can enter their military occupation plus the .jobs suffix to find relevant civilian jobs. Examples: www.42F.jobs; www.25B.jobs; www.2891.jobs


Press Contact:

Nancy Holland
DirectEmployers Association

AT&T and Three Other Corporations Pilot Program to Make it Easier for Transitioning Military to Find Real and Verified Jobs

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Employers Finding It Difficult To Translate Military Skills To Their Opportunities Now Have A Simple, Automated Solution

INDIANAPOLIS, July 26, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Today DirectEmployers Association is launching their latest online program to help veterans find jobs. This new effort is a .jobs Military Crosswalk platform customized for hiring companies worldwide.

For years companies have become frustrated when trying to hire transitioning military into their corporate ranks due to a high-level of difficulty in translating military skills to their open positions. DirectEmployers now provides companies with a corporate branded solution to help them address this issue.

Simple, automated solution

Powered by the .jobs Universe, this innovative platform allows service men and women preparing to transition into civilian life to use their current Military Occupation Code (MOC) or Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) to easily find civilian jobs on corporate career sites. This technology provides the cornerstone all companies need to start effectively communicating their available employment opportunities to military men and women who are transitioning into civilian life.

Earlier this year, DirectEmployers launched www.Veterans.jobs, an extensive online program to assist transitioning military personnel in all branches of our armed forces in quickly and efficiently finding employment.

Carrie Corbin, AT&T, Associate Director – Talent Attraction, said, “AT&T has aggressively recruited veterans for decades, in part because the technical skills and leadership experience gained in the military transfer very well to our company and culture.”

After seeing the implementation of Veterans.jobs I asked if the technology could be adapted to fit our specific company needs. DirectEmployers Association immediately began working with AT&T to pilot the .jobs Military Crosswalk within our career site to help make it even easier for transitioning military to find real and verified jobs at AT&T.”

Camber Corporation, Providence Health & Services, and ConocoPhillips join AT&T in piloting this new technology. These pilot sites are available online at:


This is a great program for the entire human resource community as well as the nation’s transitioning military and their families. Providence Health & Services is adopting this technology to help us tap into this skilled source of candidates,” stated Rhonda Stickley, Providence Health & Services, Sr. Director, Talent Acquisition & six-year U.S. Army veteran.

DirectEmployers’ new military .jobs initiative expands the potential of an already established and robust partnership with the public sector, the National Labor Exchange (NLX). Offered in partnership with the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA), the NLX is a free, job-search engine feeding job openings into 50 publicly funded state job banks. This has substantially increased offerings to all jobs eekers, and especially veterans. Since March 2007, the NLX has provided over 9 million, unduplicated, current jobs to state workforce agency staff dedicated to serving veterans. The NLX uses no federal funds for operations, research, or development. Rather, this unique public-private partnership leverages private, non-profit-owned technology with existing state workforce agency resources to enhance offerings to veterans.

“With President Obama’s announcement to start bringing troops home and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting a June 13.3% jobless rate for veterans who served any time since September 2001 (Gulf War-era II veterans) this is a very valuable and timely tool available to all corporations,” stated Bill Warren, Executive Director, DirectEmployers Association.

About DirectEmployers Association
DirectEmployers Association, Inc. is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit, 600 plus member employer association. As provided in its corporate bylaws, the business and affairs of the Association are managed by a board of directors consisting of member company representatives. Daily operations are managed by an executive director and operations staff at the direction of the president and board of directors. Its mission is to provide employers an employment network that is cost-effective, improves labor market efficiency and reaches an ethnically diverse national workforce.

About National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA)
The National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) is a private, non-profit organization, representing 52 state and territorial workforce agencies in general and the publicly-funded veterans’ employment programs in particular. The mission of NASWA is to serve as an advocate for state workforce programs and policies, a liaison to federal workforce system partners, and a forum for the exchange of information among states.

Assists military personnel in transitioning from active duty to employment opportunities in the civilian workforce. Using the Military Crosswalk, Veterans can enter their military occupation plus the .jobs suffix to find relevant civilian jobs. Examples: www.42F.jobs; www.25B.jobs; www.2891.jobs

SOURCE DirectEmployers Association