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My.jobs Solution

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The online recruitment space is challenging, and often times, you are saddled side-by-side with your competitors vying for job seeker’s attention. However, with the My.jobs Solution, you can exclusively refine your employment brand on an optimized site that focuses solely on your hiring needs.

Basic Homepage Template with Responsive DesignBasic Homepage Template with Responsive Design

My.jobs Member Microsite

The first step in creating your online solution is through a Member Microsite, which comes as a benefit of your DirectEmployers membership. This company-branded microsite features a Basic Homepage Template, equipped with responsive design for viewing on a range of devices, and is search engine optimized to amplify job visibility and showcase your company’s brand and open positions. In turn, this simplistic, user-friendly interface keeps candidates focused on your company, not your competition.

My.jobs Network: Built for Employers, By Employers

Everything we create is done with employers needs fully in mind, and the continual development of My.jobs and its network of sites are no different. As with any network, a hub gives users a starting point from which each site originates. In this instance, My.jobs acts as the hub of the entire network of 40,000 sites comprised of company name, location occupation and term or specialty sites hosted by DirectEmployers on behalf of our Members. This collection also includes company-owned and branded Microsites that benefit individual organizations who have invested in the expansion of the .JOBS top-level domain (TLD). To increase job visibility and further target specific audiences, each job included on the company-branded Microsite is distributed to relevant sites within the My.jobs Network.

For example, a nursing job in Atlanta would go to the following sites:

It would also appear on specialty sites including Disability.jobs, Diversity.jobs, Veterans.jobs, Women.jobs and more!

My.jobs Network Features

While serving as the hub of the network, My.jobs was also created to be a resource for both employers and job seekers. The homepage is an entry point for the My.jobs Network, however the site also has additional functionality including: user profiles, job search fields and the ability to set up ‘Save Search’. This functionality enables job seekers to receive email notification of new positions within their designated criteria. Not only do job seekers benefit from the ‘Save Search’ functionality by getting jobs that match sent directly to their email inbox, employers can also benefit from ‘Save Search’ functionality as part of their compliance outreach efforts through DirectEmployers Partner Relationship Manager (PRM). By using PRM, employers can use the ‘Save Search’ functionality to distribute jobs to partner organizations, track all communications and show outreach efforts to local organizations.

Is your company a federal contractor? Visit our OFCCP Compliance Solution for more details about the PRM tool.

Developing a My.jobs Microsite Strategy

Alongside their Member Microsite, many employers have used the My.jobs Solution to build a custom microsite strategy that focuses specifically on their hiring needs. From sites focused on evergreen positions to hiring initiatives in specific locations or with targeted audiences, we can create a strategy that aligns with your recruitment needs.

Meet Our Digital Strategy Team

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Digital Strategist

Interested in learning more about a custom My.jobs Solution?

The My.jobs Solution is a fully customizable solution that can be tailored to fit each employer’s needs, regardless of size, industry or budget constraints. Companies can create enhanced sites that showcases their brand and provides information about what it’s like to work there. To learn more about additional network capabilities and this scalable solution, visit My.jobs/Employers or contact a Digital Strategist at (866) 268-6206.