Joyce MorganJoyce Morgan

Founder/Owner of Morgan Consulting Services, LLC

Joyce Morgan is President of Morgan Consulting Services, LLC. Joyce began her consulting practice in 2006 as a natural progression from her career with OFCCP. Joyce retired from OFCCP in August 2005 after 26+ years. She began her career with OFCCP in 1979 moving quickly through the ranks to management serving as Assistant District Director, District Director and finally Deputy Regional Director for the two largest regions—Dallas, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois—covering approximately 70% of the entire United States. This progression placed her in a constant mobile position allowing her to work in 4 of the current 6 regions of OFCCP—a plus obviously as no region is alike. Joyce’s career with OFCCP, coupled with her consulting practice, makes her one of the unique consultants and definitely an expert in OFCCP regulations and the Agency’s administration and implementation of the respective laws enforced. Her relationship building carried over from her OFCCP management roles to the Federal contracting community and obviously serves both factions very well.

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