Mikenac the Magnificent with 8 Predictions Around TALENT

8 Predictions For 2017

Mikenac the Magnificent with 8 Predictions Around TALENT

I was thinking of writing a long-winded blog about what to expect in the world of HR compliance and talent acquisition. Not me. There are still many topics that are carry over year to year like candidate experience, data, and culture fit. Some companies get it and some are still trying to figure it out. In a presidential transition year there is a lot of unknowns but one thing is clear – there are still a lot of opportunities, there are still not enough qualified candidates, compliance is still a hot topic, and HR and recruiting professionals need to manage all of this – together. Let’s take a look at what my (and subsequently DirectEmployers’) crystal ball has in store for 2017.

  • AI (bot technology) will significantly free up admin time allowing recruiters and HR professionals to focus on what matters most – the people side of the business. I also believe that AI, if done correctly, could help shrink the proverbial black hole that candidates fall into after they apply.
  • HR and Recruiting will need to focus on understanding HR and recruiting-related legislation as one cohesive unit. Based on the conversations I have listened to over the last 60 days, most think that when the autopilot switch is flipped all is good. It takes a lot more and education is half the battle.
  • Data and analytics will be crucial to your success as a recruiting and human resources professional, especially around candidate generation and D&I. One thing I can accurately predict – DirectEmployers will be rolling out a spectacular analytics tool in early 2017 to help you with this challenge.
  • Recruiters will need to be proactive vs. reactive as well as personal when it comes to finding qualified candidates. This means sourcing candidates and contacting them by phone ­– not by email or InMail.
  • The recruiter and HR professional role will become more of an advisor/coach. This means no more throwing interview notes and resumes at your hiring managers. It means you will understand the business more than ever and can provide meaningful data to management so s/he can make sound business decisions.
  • How you attract your candidates will be mission critical. Tell stories on your career site using employees (not stock photos) to communicate the “why us” question, have a sponsored Glassdoor account and respond to those comments, and post attractive and meaningful social posts that will attract candidates to apply for your opportunities.
  • VEVRAA and Section 503 regulations will not be going away. Section 503 will gain more of the focus for organizations in 2017 as veteran unemployment has dropped significantly.
  • Diversity & Inclusion will be at the top of most practitioners’ list. How you ask? Through face-to-face meetings and alliances with D&I-related groups. The best place to start is at the undergraduate level to hire diverse candidates out of college and grow them within your company.

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Michael GoldbergMichael Goldberg is the Executive Director & CEO of DirectEmployers who provides full service Talent Solutions in the areas of compliance and candidate attraction. Michael has over 25 years of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition practitioner experience with a focus on compliance, talent management, and building effective partnerships through effective customer service. As the current Executive Director for DirectEmployers Association, Michael leads a team of 50 individuals who assist employers in fulfilling their OFCCP compliance obligations, and aid in developing customized Recruitment Marketing Solutions. Prior to leading the DirectEmployers team, Michael was employed at the American Heart Association as the Director of Talent Acquisition where he managed a team of three recruiters and one sourcer while leading the talent acquisition strategy for the association. In September, Michael’s team won a 2014 North America Candidate Experience (CandE) Award. AHA has also been recognized as #3 Best Nonprofit to work for large companies by the Nonprofit Times and one of the top Nonprofit organizations who offer flexible jobs. Before American Heart Association, Michael worked for Freeman, Insight, BDO Seidman, SABRE/American Airlines and Marriott.View all posts by Michael Goldberg »

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