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Veteran Outreach – Partnering at the Local Level

April 14th, 2011 by ( )

Recently I developed and facilitated a webinar, Veteran Outreach: Partnering at the Local Level (see the Session Description below), for employers and delivered the first one on March 16 and repeated it again on March 31. The webinar is being offered free-of-charge to employers, workforce and economic developers, government partners and others interested in learning how to develop partnerships at the local level in the interest of improving the employment outcomes of veterans. The webinar has generated tremendous interest and participation from employers, government entities, and other partners. A total of 890 individuals registered for the first one alone, so then I repeated it and recorded it, and want to share it with you too.

For your interest, here is a link to the PowerPoint and the recorded on-demand webinar (when you first start the recording, there is a long pause of silence, and then it will begin at the 1:00 minute mark).

There is especially a strong interest in the resources, templates and toolkits provided with the Veteran Outreach webinar. These resources are estimated to save employers well over 250 hours of research and planning time, and they continue to be in high demand:

1. Veteran Outreach PowerPoint Slide Deck (includes step-by-step strategic implementation plan)
2. Guide to Key Military Partnerships of DirectEmployers Association
3. Labor Market Assessment Template
4. Veteran Outreach and Partnership Sources for Employers
5. State Veterans Program Coordinators
6. Marines Wounded Warrior District Injured Support Cell (DISC) Coordinator Roster
7. Veteran Partner Levels and Definitions
8. Local Veteran Recruiting Action Plan (RAP) Template

(See below for a list of external links to additional resources that I also provided in my presentation.)

Session Description:

Veteran Outreach: Partnering at the Local Level

It’s no secret the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) is starting to examine contractors’ outreach efforts to veterans more closely. Specifically, the OFCCP is looking to see if contractors are doing more than merely posting open positions, but assessing whether employers are developing active, meaningful relationships with local referral sources, allowing for regular communication and feedback. How well is your organization doing at developing local partnerships with military and veteran referral sources and inviting them to become more familiar with your organization, facilities, and hiring needs? If you want to engage in more robust veteran outreach efforts, join this session to:

  • Map a strategy to expand your company’s local veteran outreach activities
  • Learn how you can leverage DirectEmployers Association’s military partnerships as your own, at the local level
  • Receive tips, resources and contact information of various veteran organizations to target and identify local partnership opportunities
  • Discover ways to document veteran outreach and communications with veteran partners and referral sources
  • Use analytics to identify specific employment practices that are verifiably effective in the recruitment of veterans
  • Effectively demonstrate a history of compliant veteran outreach efforts

Additional resources available to Members – please visit the Pipeline.

Thank you for your interest and please don’t hesitate to let me know if I may be of additional support as you develop your company’s veteran outreach and partnership strategy. Good luck!

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