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Welcome to My Soapbox!

Welcome to My Soapbox!

I have the privilege to work with some incredibly talented and very interesting individuals on a regular basis.  In my position with DirectEmployers Association I talk to our members almost on a daily basis.  These are the people sitting in the seats making the hiring decisions for companies like Hyatt, IBM and KPMG.

I always enjoy the conversations and thought you might enjoy them as well.  We discuss trends in the recruitment industry, what makes their company unique and what advice would they have for a job seeker looking for a job with their company.  I will be posting about these conversations as well as other happenings within the Association here, so I hope you enjoy!

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Nancy HollandNancy Holland is Vice President of Marketing for DirectEmployers Association. Nancy is a big picture strategist with a focus on branding and positioning. Nancy is completely cutting edge on the technology end of marketing as well as a great people person. This combination provides her with the instincts to bring together branding programs that work. Nancy started her Recruitment/Human Resources career in 1996 assisting students and college graduates with their entry into new careers. In addition, Nancy has worked with hundreds of companies as a recruitment consultant managing the full life cycle of the sourcing, selection and recruitment process.View all posts by Nancy Holland »